Gatekeeper Maintenance has unlimited General Contracting licenses in the states of North and South Carolina!


The CBSE and RBSM designations are the most prestigious symbols of excellence in the Building Service Contracting industry.Management Development

The CBSE designation indicates an executive has a complete understanding of cleaning technology and also a broad business and management expertise to ensure that your building’s maintenance needs are met smoothly and cost-effectively.

The RBSM certification represents a cleaning professional that maintains a thorough knowledge of the latest technology, understands the most effective methods of managing people, equipment and supplies and has the ability to successfully supervise the daily maintenance of your building.

Currently we have 11 CBSEs and 14 RBSMs.

Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI)

The BSCAI is an industry group of leading building service contractors throughout the US, Europe, Canada and South America that continue to develop standards and practices that guide the industry.

Our CEO and our President have both served as President of the BSCAI and have made considerable contributions to the success of the industry as a whole as well as individual member companies that were the recipients of their exceptional leadership and innovation.

Building service contractor's association internationalAll associates in our Human Resources, Sales, Industrial Engineering and Operations Groups have earned either the CBSE or RBSM Certification.

We attend annual ISSA and BSCAI conventions to collaborate with our Supply and Equipment partners as well as explore new and innovative ways to deliver the highest level of service.